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Life Architecturally. Writer / Director 52' (ABC1, 2012)

Life Architecturally looks at the changing face of architecture, innovation and design in Australia through the eyes of award winning husband and wife team, architect Robert McBride and interior designer Debbie Ryan.


A fascinating and moving documentary profiling the whimsically stylish creations of a design duo working on the edge. 
- Graham Blundell, The Australian.

The viewer comes out of Life Architecturally with a sense of warmth and quiet inspiration. It doesn't matter whether we like the architecture or not: it is somehow enough to know that there are people out there - people who seem much like everyone else - who are daring to dream big and stick to their creative guns. - - - Rowena Robertson, METRO Magazine.

Distributed by ABC Content Sales. Produced by Mago Films.

Producer: Marian Bartsch. DOP: Peter Zakarov.  Editor: Lawrie Silvestrin. Score: MDS.